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Internal audit

Based on an approach based on control of organizational risks, the Internal Audit seeks to generate value for the organization, through the implementation of controls that improve the operation of the company, compliance with the regulatory environment, reliability of financial information and the establishment of business strategies .

In Maso, we have highly trained personnel to support you in the analysis and management of risks, as well as support in the design, implementation and operations of controls adapted to the needs of your organization, including support in the design and implementation of the audit plan , all in schemes of Cosourcing or Outsourcing.

Quality Consultancy for Internal Audit

We evaluate the internal audit departments under best international practices that promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal audit activity, helping the organization in the improvement of risk management, control and governance processes.

External Audit

In the external audit, a critical, systematic and detailed examination of the processes of the organization is carried out, in order to issue an independent opinion on the operation and control of the process and formulate suggestions for its improvement.

Our audit services cover all organizational processes, providing an objective, ethical and competent analysis that will allow you to improve the operation of your organization in a safe and controlled environment.

Previously Agreed Procedures

At Maso, we are ready to support you in any need that may arise in your organization.
We have a highly qualified interdisciplinary team to carry out previously agreed procedures in all the processes of your organization.

Due diligence process

In order to verify the financial and legal information of the organizations with which business is done, Maso Consultores has qualified and expert staff to accompany you in this process.

Corporate Governance

Having an adequate Corporate Governance allows timely decision making and transparent financial information. Modern times demand that decision-making does not fall
a person or in a small group, but in a Corporate Government, thus minimizing risk and facilitating decision making.
We can advise on the creation of Corporate Governance bodies, in the design of procedures and statutes that help meet the needs of your company.

Our advisory services in Corporate Governance include, among others:

Tax Inspection

We are Tax Reviewers, experts in International Financial Reporting Standards “IFRS”.
Our approach is based on identifying business risks, reviewing internal control in each of the processes, validating the reasonableness of the figures in the financial statements and verifying compliance with legal and statutory obligations.

As an added value, our clients receive:

  Advice on Corporate Governance and creation of Audit Committees.
  Management and administrative advice.
  Advice on the implementation or assurance of International Financial Reporting Standards.

Insurance in Risk Management

We evaluate the business risk management and perform a diagnosis of the progress in the implementation of the different risk management systems (financial or operational) that allow improving their efficiency and effectiveness allowing improving the possibilities of achieving their organizational objectives.

IAS – IFRS Consulting

We have a group of internationally recognized and certified experts, trained to provide your organization with a comprehensive consultancy on International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS – IAS.

Our IFRS consulting services include, among others:

  Accompaniment in the structuring of the Financial Statements of opening, transition and adoption.
  Design of tailor-made accounting policies.
  General and particularized seminars.
  Advice on specific cases.
  Issuance of technical concepts.
  Audits on the implementation carried out.
  Advice on the implementation of hedge accounting.
  Design of customized spreadsheets for portfolio valuation, leases, inventories and derivative financial instruments.

Accountants and Financial

Counseling and training in accounting, tax and financial matters.

Legal services

We are a consulting and advisory firm with different specializations, which provides professional services to people and companies of all kinds in different areas of law. We specialize in provide legal advice in the field of Civil, Commercial, Family, Labor and Social Security, Administrative.


Accompaniment and advice on the requirements of the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit “UGPP”, and on the audit processes that this entity is carrying out in the business sector, developing our services efficiently, by identifying each of our clients , understanding their economic reality, their business needs and the development of their economic activity.

ICT Services (Information and Communication Technologies)

Our portfolio of services in Information and Communication Technologies is completely dynamic and flexible, adapting to the needs and requirements of our clients.
We offer the services of auditing, consulting, consulting, auditing, project management, implementation and outsourcing in everything related to ICTs and the infrastructure that supports them.

  Analysis and cost reduction.
  Diagnosis and Evaluation.
  Development of BIA (Business Impact Analysis), in order to implement adequate business continuity plans (BCP).
  Advice and support in the implementation of the computer security standard ISO 27001: 2013.
  Audit and advice in technology project management.
  Forensic Computing
  Monitoring, diagnosis and evaluation of the functional conditions of voice and data networks.
  Support and advice in the implementation of R + D + I strategies.

National database registry

We provide support and advice on the implementation and adaptation of policies, forms
and other necessary documents, for compliance with the legal regulations required to perform the national database registry.

This is to comply with Statutory Law 1581 of 2012, its Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013 and the other regulations that modify or add it.

The national registry of data base, is a legal obligation, that created the Statutory Law 1581 of 2012, within which stipulated a deadline for the realization of such registration; dates that were modified by Decree 1759 of 2016, which extends the deadlines for registration, which for companies was the deadline for registration, on June 30, 2017.

Implementation advice SARLAFT

We advise you on the analysis and management of the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing, under international guidelines, providing knowledge and experiences in the effective implementation of the SARLAFT.

We have more than 12 years

Of Experience